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Animal shipments

Twister Overnight


Delivery nationwide (Islands on request) available until 12:00clock. This service is only available when the day following the day of shipment and delivery is a work day. Overnight shipping from Monday to Wednesday possible (otherwise direct drive).

for Small animals in containers:

  • small mammals (for example: rabbits, hamsters, mice, rats);
  • freshwater aquarium fish;
  • birds (for example: parrots, parakeets) and
  • reptiles (for example: lizards, snakes, spiders)

Twister Tierversand



(valid as of 1 august 2022)

Net prices (for commercial customers and companies) exclude 19% VAT.
Gross prices (for private customers and end consumers) include 19% VAT.

up to 1kg 34,00 € net/ 40,46 gross
for each additional kg 2,50 € net/ 2,98 gross

Cash on delivery / delivery plus 5,00 € net / 5,95 € gross
(PayPal without surcharge)
Island surcharge plus 25,00 € net / 29,75 € gross
Date delivery from 15,00 € net / 17,85 € gross
(regular delivery from 8:00 to 12:00)
Collection from 15,00 € net / 17,85 € gross
(regular pick-up from 12:00 to 18:00)
Animal transport carton box from 10,00 € net / 11,90 € gross

Comment: Volume weight according to IATA-standard, L x W x H (cm): 5.000 = kg

Packaging Advice

The transport containers must comply with the requirements of the IATA guidelines.

  • Container must be shockproof, escape proof and have the correct dimensions
  • Ventilation, temperature (using spacers)
  • Weather protection
  • Feed and water dispenser (filled for twice the length of the anticipated journey time)
  • Scattering (against soaking)
  • Note on live animals (Twister animal transit document in the download center)
Information/ Please note!

Twister has a license for the transportation of small animals.

Despite all precautions, the transporting can still be straining on the animal


  • Animal shipping only possible with healthy animals
  • Various animals should be isolated
  • Recipient's telephone number is required
  • The presence of the recipient must be ensured


Insurance/ WorldCoverPolice

Please refer to the upper liability limits in our general terms and conditions. We can offer additional goods transport insurance on demand. We will gladly inform you of the precise conditions by phone.


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Monday through Friday: 07:00 AM - 9:00 PM, Saturday: 09:00 AM- 2:00 PM

The current version of the general order conditions applies (AGB).

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